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As I mentioned in the last quick devlog, InMySocks has joined our cozy little fishing team as the coder, yay! In this update I thought I'd get talking about how...
Coding Progress, Wooh!
After a bit of a hiatus, I'm very happy to announce that @inmysocks is now the game's coder! Weeee! He's also been making great progress getting the core shell...
New Locations, Gear Icons, Paperdoll
NEW LOCATIONS I've drawn two new locations - one town, and one fishing spot. This town has blossom trees and flat-roofed villas, and a little fountain to fish f...
Junk and Fishing Spots
FISHING SPOTS Yesterday I drew the first fishing spot. This is a serene little pond you'll visit as your first fishing spot just outside the starting town of Po...
Characters, World Map
WORLD MAP I spent a few hours last night hand-drawing the world map. I scanned it in this morning, cleaned it up, and then added the icons just to get a feel fo...
Olaf T. Fish
I got started with drawing the fish today. I've hand-drawn a page of some 25 basic fish shapes (for now!), and then I'll be using that template sheet in conjunc...