A downloadable game

Coming probably-not-soon from ScrewyLightbulb, Pescatoria will be a casual, relaxing fishing game. Explore a hand-drawn world of quaint villages and scenic waterholes, talk to villagers, complete quests - and fish! FISH ALL THE THINGS!!!

Featuring the soothing sounds of Osiris Saline:


 Trello - https://trello.com/b/M3ljGAuk 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Pescatoria-2043459379276073

Twitter: - https://twitter.com/pescatoria

Hoping to at least release on Win/Mac/Linux, and then possibly phone, possibly some consoles.


Grid-based expanding inventory and lots (more than shown in the screenshot) of character gear slots

Complete villager quests for XP and rewards

Uncover new fishing locations

Travel between a variety of towns and fishing spots on an overworld map, with a unique hand-drawn scene for each location

As well as catching fish, occasionally fish up gear that you can equip to boost your stats

Sell your unwanted junk, fish and gear at the town merchants and see what items they have for sale themselves

Level up and assign stat points to your character across a few stats that will improve your fishing in different ways

Salvage and craft your own fishing rods

Harvest nodes to gather items for cooking and alchemy that will complement your fishing

Decorate your home with trophies of your finest catches

Place useful bait-generating devices in your home and garden for attracting bait

Note: Pescatoria is still very early on in development. We're just getting started with putting it together. There's no ETA yet, but you can follow progress here or on any of the above-linked sites. :

Development log