Current Status

As I mentioned in the last quick devlog, InMySocks has joined our cozy little fishing team as the coder, yay! In this update I thought I'd get talking about how the game dev is going.

He's using Godot to make the game and has so far found it smooth sailing to work with, which is nice!

Things currently in the game:

  • Splash title screen
  • Map with clickable towns and fishing spots (only two towns and three fishing spots currently)
  • In one of the fishing spots, click the fishing icon to catch a fish
    • Two types of fish currently implemented
    • Fish draggable into the grid-based inventory
  • Grid-based inventory! :D 
  • Button to open the character panel (nothing else added there yet
  • Button to open a dialogue box with test placement of the NPC character art and dialogue 

So - it's coming along! Today he's been working on making what's currently in the game run a bit smoother.

We've also discussed the grid-based inventory and how the inventory space will work. In my mock-ups I had a tabulated inventory - we're keeping that, and adding 'bags' to the game. In the beginning you'll have one bag (one inventory tab) with small space (a small number of grid squares to fit items into). As you play the game, you'll find bigger bags, so you can carry multiple bags (tabs) in the inventory with progressively more space. :)

That's all for now! :D

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