New Locations, Gear Icons, Paperdoll


I've drawn two new locations - one town, and one fishing spot. This town has blossom trees and flat-roofed villas, and a little fountain to fish from.

The fishing spot is a coastal spot, with a wee hut (Who lives there? NOBODY KNOWS :O), a fishing stool and tackle box, and a mysterious cave, oooOOOooo


I've been drawing equippables like there's no tomorrow. Five chest-slot items, six boots, ten rings, four gloves, five hats, five trousers, five neck slot, eight trinkets, and five belts. :O Here's one of my favourites, a little t-shirt with a fish on it;

I've also figured out the paperdoll and the locations of each equipment slot;

That's all for now! Happy Wednesday ^.^

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