Screwy Lightbulb

Vintage ornamental illustrations and decorations
Empty mandalas to detail and colour
A digital colouring pack
A pattern reference booklet for mandala (and other!) artists
A timed puzzle game
A decorative border surrounding a simple floral design
An intricate scarab holding a mandala
A collection of hand-drawn mandala colouring pages
Intricate line-art mandala for printing and colouring
Fractalicious Desktop Wallpapers
A Game of Fish
Role Playing
Simple exercise in using photorealistic rendering in game-ready textures
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144 piece jigsaw puzzle of a fractal mandala pattern. Using original art created by Dels' Doodles.
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Hand-drawn decorative UI borders
A Tutorial on Drawing Mandalas
Colouring pages created from the game.
Free regular mini-adventure series.
Find out which way Diana Ross was facing by the end of the song "Upside Down".
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A beautifully detailed sugar skull colouring page
Five unique decorated skulls to print and colour.
20 Garden-themed illustrations to print and colour
28 hand-drawn illustrations to print and colour
High-res Cthulhu line art to download, print and colour!
Five intricate images to download, print and colour
Sci-fi hypertext adventure in the style of a motion-comic.
Visual Novel
Five animal-themed images to print and colour
An interactive fiction made for Asylum Jam 2013.