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A timed puzzle game. Everybody loves those, right? No? Dang.

This is a rough proof of concept, expanded from an old Ludum Dare jam game. It features 50 levels of puzzles in which the core mechanic is to shuffle rows of tiles in order for the little robot to safely make it to the other side. Block types allow you to turn, jump, smash things with a hammer, teleport, and some buttons that unlock gates.

The sequel and why this is on Itch:

I started working on a follow-up some years ago, but have put it on ice. What I am hoping for, is to raise $400 here in donations, which will buy enough time to finish it.

The sequel, which will likely not be called "SHFL"-anything due to trademark conflicts will have a few key differences over the original. 

  • Puzzles are not timed
  • Puzzle complexity is higher
  • Different sized levels
  • Movement can be in all 4 directions
  • A level editor
  • Updated graphics
  • More variety in environments

I originally began to update this existing jam version with the above changes before deciding that it needs to be its own thing.

Here is the Greenlight trailer for the updated jam version (2017). It's pretty much what is here, but also shows off the level editor.

And lastly, here you can see the the improved graphical style of the sequel. Seen below are tiles from the forest set. Also will have way more feedback, effects, better sounds, etc.

So, if any of this is your kind of jam, we'd appreciate a small donation. If we hit $400, either from this or any of the other things in our itch account, we can make it happen.


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Version 1
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Version 1


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Hi, I'm posting this here since the The Maker's Eden itch.io page doesn't have comments enabled.

This is just to let you know that neither the Linux nor the Mac builds of The Maker's Eden can be downloaded (the download gets redirected to mc.indiesquish.com and produces a "503 Service Unavailable" error page). On the other hand, the newer Windows build can be downloaded without problem. Could you please take a look at it and restore the Mac and Linux downloads? Thanks!

Thanks for letting us know. I know why this is and will fix soon and let you know.

Nice, thanks!

Linux build is fixed. Mac build a bit more tricky.

Thanks again! (I'm on Linux so that does it for me)