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Is there an issue #2 planned?

I already have the next 3 episodes planned out. Going to try a slight sdustment to my life soonish so that I can have the time and energy to work on fun stuff like this more (as well as act 3 of a certain other game). Stay tuned, I guess. :)

Sounds good. I understand how limited time and energy can be tough. Take your time! I'll be ready to enjoy the games when they're ready!

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The interface is strange on this one. The only thing we can do is move and look? Also once a bubble is on the screen it's impossible to remove it except by doing another action. I would expect clicking anywhere to first remove the bubble instead of immediately executing an action.

Also the sound and music volume is much lower than most other games (I have to set my system volume to 80% instead of 50%).

Edit: ok I watched GrannyJo’s video and saw how to talk to people (it’s at minute 8 for anyone else wondering).

I covered your game on my channel! Loved the backgrounds, and it had pretty strong story telling skills.

Check out my review below.

Nice! I like seeing these - they serve as very useful feedback since I can see people play and how they interact with the game. :)

is there a trailer?

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Removed the spoilers added before.

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Methinks we should ask Amos to put spoiler tags in this thing. :) Do you mean after you got the statue past Barsnick?

(Edited 3 times) doesn't seem to have a spoiler alert mask. After your reply maybe we can delete this comment thread to not spoil it for others.

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Dangit, I thought I fixed the white dot bug.

But ok!

EDIT: Solution deleted

Thanks, I was able to complete the game. Now I feel stupid on how I missed the clue. Thanks for the wonderful episode 1 of the game. Going to delete the spoilers above.

Statue past Barsnick... white dot... I must be having the same problem? I've really enjoyed the game so far but the plot is refusing to advance. Can't do anything with the statue at the bridge.

Hi, when did you download the game? The white dot thing and the game-breaking bug associated with it should not be in the latest builds.